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Fingerprint Analysis


In December 2012, a kidnapping took place in Liguria. The entrepreneur Andrea Calevo was kidnapped and after a few days freed by a law enforcement blitz.

A process ensued, in which all the people to whom the fingerprints taken inside the den by the RIS of Parma appeared. As a defense consultant for one of the people accused of aiding and abetting, the investigations carried out personally by Luca Leonardo D'Agostini, owner of the Luca D'Agostini Investigazioni investigative agency, allowed the legal defenders to prove the unreliability of the fingerprint analyzes. carried out by the RIS of Parma towards the person they assist. The testimony given by Luca Leonardo D'Agostini in court, consisting in the answer to the questions posed by the lawyers of the party, by the Public Prosecutor and by the Judge, also recorded by the television cameras of the broadcast "A day in the Magistrate's Court", proved to be fundamental for the outcome of the acquittal sentence against the accused person for aiding and abetting.

The above demonstrates the technical competence and professionalism of the private investigator Luca Leonardo D'Agostini, on a purely scientific subject (fingerprints) and in relation to which one cannot improvise.

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