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Environmental remediation


The investigative agency Luca D'Agostini Investigazioni carries out environmental remediation all over the world aimed at identifying any type of hidden audio-video environmental device (bugs) and satellite tracking devices (GPS). We boast among our customers important multinational companies, well-known professionals and celebrities, who have been relying on our professionalism for years with full satisfaction in order to ensure the security that there are no information leaks in their environments (homes and offices) and in the their cars and boats.

Using the most modern environmental remediation techniques and adequate technical equipment we are able to identify any type of audio, video, conveyed wave, infrared and microwave bugs, latest generation GSM, UMTS and 4G bugs, GPS systems.

The remediation includes the visual inspection of each place and object where a bug could be installed. We have a state-of-the-art electronic tool capable of carrying out a check of the electrical and telephone network to identify any interception systems powered and communicating through the same network.

At the end of each environmental remediation intervention, a technical report on the headed paper of the Luca D'Agostini Investigazioni investigation agency will be issued, containing all the results of the remediation and the indications regarding the precautions and solutions to be adopted to protect themselves in the future.

In order to nullify the defense that you intend to put in place, it is advisable to contact us only via telephones deemed safe or via e-mail and computer not attributable to you.

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