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Control of Minor Children


Article 2048 of the civil code establishes that parents are responsible for the damage caused by the unlawful act of non-emancipated minor children who live with them, unless they prove that they could not have prevented the fact. It means that, for the unlawful acts committed by minor children, the parents can be sued for civil liability; that is to say that they can be called to pay compensation for the damage suffered by the injured person.

The Court of Cassation (sentence no.26.200 of 2011), specified that parents can avoid personally compensating the damage caused by their child when he was a minor if they demonstrate during the course of the case that they have exercised adequate supervision over him. The inadequacy of the supervision exercised on him can also be deduced by the judge, if there is no evidence to the contrary provided by the parents.

The injured person will be able to sue, in addition to the parents, also the child, if at the time of the facts, despite being a minor, he was still capable of understanding and wanting. The law, if the minor is aware of the acts he carries out, holds him responsible for the consequences of his actions, and provides for the possibility that he can be sued to compensate the resulting damages.

The investigative agency "Luca D'Agostini Investigazioni", duly authorized by the Prefecture of Rome, at the request of a parent or whoever exercises parental authority, carries out investigations aimed at controlling minors. These investigations make it possible to highlight all dangerous or potentially dangerous behaviors carried out by their minor children.

When a parent should feel a doubt about the behavior of their minor child, the advice we feel we can provide is to start this type of investigation quickly and without hesitation since, in cases of "anomalous" or even illegal behavior from part of their minor child, the results of these investigations will allow parents to know and solve a problem in time, with the possibility of stemming behaviors or acquaintances that could have irremediable consequences for the future life of the minor.

The investigations for the control of minor children carried out by the investigative agency Luca D'Agostini Investigazioni make it possible to identify whether the following cases exist:

Taking or dealing in narcotic substances (drugs)

Attendance of drug addicts or people with a criminal record

Cases of pedophilia

Child prostitution

Drinking alcoholic beverages



Acts of vandalism

Attendance of religious, satanic, or similar sects

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