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Marital or sentimental infidelity


A happy life is built on trust in your partner, regardless of whether it is a married couple or a simple romantic relationship. But sometimes the suspicions that the other half is misbehaving interfere with happiness. The suspicions, however, are worth little or nothing if not supported by the evidence.

The investigation agency Luca D'Agostini Investigazioni, authorized by the Prefecture of Rome to carry out civil and criminal investigations, carries out investigations relating to marital or sentimental infidelity all over the world and is able to provide you with all the probative material possible in order to have a complete and in-depth view of the partner's behavior and actions. We guarantee maximum confidentiality.

In addition to being a fundamental aspect for a couple relationship, fidelity also represents one of the duties that arise as a result of marriage.

In fact, when it comes to married couples the speech can be more complicated, given that the wife and husband, with the marriage have signed a contract in effect, which provides for specific conjugal rights and duties.

Marital duties are:

1) loyalty

2) moral and material assistance

3) cohabitation

4) collaboration in the interest of the family

5) contribution to family needs in proportion to their abilities

Marital infidelity, or the betrayal of a husband or wife, refers only to married couples. This means that, legally speaking, this situation is not regulated by law as regards de facto cohabitants.

In Italian law, marital infidelity means a relationship that one of the spouses has with another person. This is valid regardless of the sex of the lover.

But it should be noted that we are not referring only to sexual relations, but also to platonic relations of an intellectual and emotional type. In fact, in various sentences it has been clarified that even a virtual relationship, characterized by conversations from which it is possible to deduce an emotional feeling, can be condemned in this sense.

The facts are then considered more serious when the intimate and confidential attitudes between the lovers take place in public or when the betrayed subject is mortified, with humiliations capable of damaging the reputation, thus causing damage from a psychological and moral point of view. It is not uncommon for a person to fall into depression following a betrayal.

Marital infidelity represents a breach of contract, since it represents one of the duties provided for by the law, when two subjects decide to get married.

From a legal point of view, the only consequence for the unfaithful spouse is the separation with charge, or the imputation of responsibility. The judge, in fact, can declare that the fault lies with the defaulting party.

The rules provide that the person considered responsible:

1) must pay a maintenance allowance if the spouse has a lower income, in order to ensure the same standard of living as in marriage.

2) They also provide that the person to whom the charge of liability has been recognized loses his inheritance rights. However, the same right is lost later in the divorce.

In the charge of responsibility, however, it is essential that betrayal is the real cause of the marriage crisis. In fact, betrayal is not always the real cause of the marriage crisis, given that the couple's relationship could be unstable for some time. In fact, the desire to get to know other people can be a consequence of a worn-out relationship.

The investigation activities carried out by the Luca D'Agostini Investigazioni investigative agency in cases of marital or sentimental infidelity are as follows:

1) Organization of the observation of an object suspected of infidelity.

2) Installation of a satellite tracking device (GPS), capable of monitoring the movements of the vehicles used by the person being investigated, preventing the same person from noticing a stalking and stalking service.

3) Installation of specialized equipment for audio and video recordings.

4) Photographic video documentation of the actions carried out by the person being investigated in relation to attitudes useful to demonstrate the existence or not of an extramarital relationship or sentimental infidelity.

5) Research and collection of information about the person identified as "lover" and emerged in the course of the investigations carried out.

At the end of the investigation, the investigative agency Luca D'Agostini Investigazioni will deliver to the client a detailed technical investigative report drawn up on the agency's headed paper and accompanied by photographic attachments in support of what is stated in the text of the report. Since the Luca D'Agostini Investigazioni agency is authorized by the Prefecture of Rome in order to carry out civil and criminal investigations, the report delivered to the client may be used by the same in court through its lawyer. The owner of the detective agency, Luca Leonardo D'Agostini may be ordered to testify at the competent court.

Through the evidence collected by the Luca D'Agostini Investigazioni agency, it will be possible to draw unequivocal conclusions regarding the suspicion and doubt present at the time of the investigation.

Years of experience in this sector have allowed us to report what the partner's signs of infidelity may be.

1) More attention to a mobile phone (it is always kept by the partner, perhaps with an access code and with the ringtone turned down).

2) Does not answer some calls received in your presence.

3) Different times from the previous ones.

4) He does not systematically answer the phone when you call him.

5) Greater attention to one's physical appearance and to the way of dressing.

6) Changes in the vocabulary.

7) Changes in attitudes towards you.

8) Changes in habits.

9) Lies ​​frequent, even in nonsense.

10) The emergence of new friends.

11) Loss of interest in family affairs.

12) Change of appearance.

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