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Computer and Telephone Investigations


The investigation agency Luca D'Agostini Investigazioni specializes in computer and telephone investigations that allow you to identify if you are a victim of information leaks from any type of electronic or telephone device.

This type of investigation is essential to ensure the protection of privacy, or the protection of personal data. People and companies are increasingly at risk of cyber espionage, cyber intrusions, data loss, news leaks, cyber scams and illegal and abusive conduct: We are able to carry out cyber investigations and propose operational security solutions. All computer investigations are certified and at the end of the computer investigations a detailed technical report will be issued on the headed paper of the investigative agency Luca D'Agostini Investigazioni, for possible legal use. They will also provide all the necessary information to adopt adequate security measures to protect privacy and sensitive data . 

The investigation agency Luca D'Agostini Investigazioni specializes in the recovery of any type of data and information from mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, computers, memory cards, hard drives. Even if deleted, we are able to recover all text messages, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, all photographs and videos, emails sent and received, all telephone calls sent and received, passwords.

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