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Commercial information

Commercial information is an indispensable tool for knowing the solvency, as well as the commercial, economic, financial and patrimonial reliability of a natural person or a legal person.

In cases of credit recovery, the chances of success are determined by the value of the information available to the creditor, which must contain recent, reliable, true and verified data. The more thorough, up-to-date and qualitatively valid the commercial information, the higher the chance of success in recovering the credit.

Luca D'Agostini Investigazioni  in support of law firms or legal functions, with reference to credit recovery practices, acquires all the elements, useful for evaluating the assets of a subject (natural or legal person) to identify assets to be attacked; real estate, furniture, loans from third parties, tenders, income and bank investigations.

The most frequent types of investigations carried out by Luca D'Agostini Investigazioni in the context of credit recovery are:

  • Tracing the debtor

  • Banking relationships

  • Work activity survey, even unofficial

  • Tracing credits from third parties

  • Tracing tenders and contracts

  • Verify equity investments held in companies and corporate offices

  • Verify protests, prejudicial, bankruptcy proceedings against

  • Overall debt position

  • Vehicle headings (work vehicles, cars, motorcycles, aircraft, boats)


Commercial information is also indispensable information tools for a correct analysis and evaluation of the financial situation of a customer, a commercial partner, a supplier and a tenant.

It should be remembered that even before granting a credit, signing a lease agreement or forming a company with one or more partners, good prevention implemented through the use of commercial information certainly provides useful elements for assessing the risk profile.

Luca D'Agostini Investigazioni carries out inquiries regarding commercial information in Italy and abroad.

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