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Mystery Shopping - Mystery Client


Luca D'Agostini Investigazioni carries out investigations to verify customer satisfaction, check the application of company directives and the quality of the services offered, through the use of Mystery Client (Mystery Client).

Mystery Shopping surveys are mainly used in companies structured in Franchising, or at the secondary offices of a company.

In the first case, for example, the Franchisor is required to verify that the Franchisee respects and applies company procedures. In particular, it is in the interest of the Franchising company:

1) monitor that the equipment used at the affiliated sales point complies with the provisions of the parent company;

2) verify that the fiscal provisions are respected, such as the issuance of the receipt;

3) check that the affiliated point of sale does not engage in acts of unfair competition by diverting customers.

The activity is carried out by specialized and unsuspected personnel, in such a way that the Mysterious Customers are perceived as normal customers, ensuring that the attitude and the attention addressed to them are the same that the staff would turn to anyone else.

This type of investigation, in relation to the request of the client company, can be carried out by accessing the indicated points of sale, or by researching and gathering information via telephone calls, via the internet and by interviewing other customers.

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